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About me

What's the mortgage about?

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About me


My name is Jakub Nowakowski and yes I am a credit broker. I specialize in mortgage loans. If you are looking for mortgage broker in Cracow, you are in right place. I started work in finance sector in 2005, and in 2008 I made first mortgage. Thru 10 years of my work I serviced about 500 clients. That means about 500 people bought more than 500 houses and apartments with my help. Why I say more than 500? Because some clients are returning to make another buy with me. That is always making me smile. I like helping people, solving problems and  educating about mortgage. Mortgage is long term credit, so I want to be sure that you understand everything. As you can see my English is not perfect, but I learn with every meeting with English speaking client, and terms about mortgage are no secret to me. 

What's the mortgage about?


You are still reading, that makes me happy. Basicly mortgage is a credit secured on the house or apartment. That means You are the owner, but there is information in the book of property, that bank gave you credit for purchasing house or apartment. 


Mortgage is long time credit. Of course You can take mortgage for 1 year, but mothly payment will be rather high. Most clients take mortgage for 15 to 30 years. That doesn't mean that you have to pay mortgage for 15 to 30 years. You can pay off mortgage at any time, but some banks have an extra fee for this. 

For most clients monthly payment is most important thing. But it is not so simple. Real cost of mortgage is a different thing. To caclulate cost of mortgage properly you have to check cost of life insurance, bridge insurance, valuation, commission, additional products ect. Not always mortgage with lowest monthly payment is the cheapest option. Even time of paying off the mortgage is important if you plan to do that. With mortgage most banks will try to sell extra products like bank account, credit card or even investment. You have to knot that some banks have more than 20 mortgage offers.


If you want to buy apartment or house in Cracow, you have to have minimum 10-20% value of the property in cash. That is polish law. If you don't have 20% some banks will sell you extra insurance. Of course there are other costs like tax or fee to real estate agency.


With mortgage you can buy house, apartment, land, or you can borrow money to finish new house or apartment.

Processing mortgage application takes time. Whole process is taking 4 - 6 weeks.

How do I work?


1. We meet and discuss about your current financial situation and what you want to buy.

2. On first meeting I am making calulation how much mortgage you can get and what are current best bank offers in your situation.

3. You get full list of documets needed to apply for mortgage'

4. I'm sending compleete applications to banks. You don't have to visit any bank.

5. After credit decissions we calculate again what is best offer for you.

6. You get credit agreement from me, and I'm explaining 

 How do I Work?


1. We meet and discuss about your current financial situation, and what you intend to buy.

2. I am calculating how much mortgage you can take, and I am showing you best bank offers for you.

3. After we choose 3 best offers you get full list of documents needed to apply for mortgage.

4. Compleeting documents is my next step.

5. Then I am sending compleete applications to banks. You don't have to visit any bank at this step.

6. Positive credit decisions must be analized as well.

7. You get credit agreement from me and we discuss it point by point so in the day of signing you are 100% aware client.

8. I help you to run your mortgage.

9. If you need help or have any questions with your mortgage in future I am always at your service.

My service is free of charge!

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